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So over the last few years the popularity of wireless cameras and surveillance systems have been gaining lots of momentum. From a professional installers point of view I cringe every time someone asks my company to install a wireless Cctv security camera system. In my opinion the growing popularity is because it’s marketed As a DIY system with professional results. While the end result in most cases is great video and ease of use, you sacrifice the security feature in your SECURITY camera system. So you may ask “How am I loosing security features from a security camera system?”

Wireless cameras, which operate on radio frequencies, can be jammed!!!

any wireless system that operates over RF frequency can be jammed. That means cell phones, wireless cameras, walkie talkies, bluetooth devices, and many more.

Wireless jammers do have a useful purpose!!!

Wireless jammers are used widely by the military as well as bomb squads. Imagine a wireless activated explosive that needed to be deactivated, a wireless jammer can prevent a remote detonation from a wireless transmitting device.

Most wireless cctv security cameras are not truly wireless

So most consumers do not like running wires as much as Marvelouz Teknology does. So one of the attraction points of wireless cctv security cameras is the fact that you dont have to run any wires and most cases this isnt true, and the cases where it is true, their are other obstacles you have to overcome to install Most wireless security cameras still need a power source which means you have to run a power wire directly to the wireless cctv security camera. Then their are a small percentage of wireless security cameras that have batteries in them that have to be charged. This can be very challenging if you want an exterior wireless cctv security camera mounted up high, as it should be out of normal reach to prevent tampering and vandalism. I am not aware of any homeowner that would be enthused to pull out a ladder to charge their wireless security camera on a regular basis.

Wireless CCTV security cameras on and off-site recording options

So you may have heard the term NVR short for Network Video Recorder. A NVR is a device with embedded operating system primarily dedicated to recording video, but most have lots of additional surveillance features such as motion detection, facial recognition, etc. Wireless CCTV security cameras operates on a wireless network

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